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Spent a fortune on a website that no one sees? Someone tell you a Wix site is all you need? We specialise in fixing these issues with fast-loading pages and sites for SMEs, freelancers, and sole traders in Edinburgh, Scotland, and the UK.

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Content Ranked | Edinburgh

We prefer to in online video calls, especially since the pandemic. Our team works remotely with each other and it’s easier. We understand this is not for everyone – so let us know if you’d prefer a visit.

We have very strong roots in Edinburgh and are located at Goldenacre; next to Trinity, Leith, Stockbridge, and Edinburgh New Town. It’s a great part of the city; the Botanics is just down the road and Inverleith Park close by. We are not far from what’s now called the Ferry Road Path – forever known as the old railway in north-east Edinburgh.

We offer free thirty minute consultations and would love to hear from you. You will get some advice that will help you, even if you choose not to use our services. Fill out the form at the top of the page or drop us an email, SMS, iMessage, WhatsApp, or Telegram or give us a call.


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Content Ranked | Edinburgh

Business SEO Web Design Edinburgh

What’s the difference between Content Ranked and most design services?

WThere are many, but let’s start with why you are here. If you are a start-up and this is your first website, great! You can genuinely trust us to take you through the whole process. We will give you all the advice you need on your journey, and we will not hold anything back to try to keep you on as a client for longer. Your success is our success. We want good feedback. 

If you are not a start-up, and this is not your first website, then you are likely here because someone has taken your money and not delivered on what they said they would. Very sorry to hear that.

Was the focus on style ahead of substance? Were you told new branding would increase sales? Perhaps you have a beautiful site that no-one sees?

You are not alone. We hear these stories all the time. We can, and will, help you. We will not over-sell our services, we will not overcharge you and we will definitely not waste time in eternal meetings.

We’ve read a lot of websites, especially the top 10 ranking sites for ‘web design Edinburgh’.  We read:

– Squarespace is better than WordPress

– SEO work happens after your site is built

– You need to work with a designer from Edinburgh as you cannot trust people from elsewhere.

None of the above fits with our knowledge or experience. If it’s the same for you, get in touch.  

Our approach to web design is focussed on your customers, not on your business

Obviously, we are going to make sure that you are happy with the website too! However, one of the things that we – as companies, freelancers, sole traders, and entrepreneurs – sometimes do, is forget about who actually matters – our paying clients.

Without them, there is no company, so no budget to make a fancy website that can be put forward for design awards. All you really need are more customers, right? Who cares about the fluff? Do your customers? Do you even know? 

Our process starts off with an interview about your business and your clients – even to speak to some of them directly – so then the objectives are clear. 

We also conduct competitor and keyword research to support the development of your content plan. It is key you do this BEFORE you build a website, as it is just more work later, if not.

Then, depending on your package, we will be helping you customise one of the 1000s of premium templates we have at our disposal, or producing wireframes for your bespoke website.

You sign-off everything at each stage of the process. 

Your fully optimised content is uploaded, everything is tested multiple times, reoptimised (for luck) and then released into the wild to do its thing. 

Usually we look after client needs on an ongoing, or incidental, basis. Many choose our hands-off SEO packages to get their Content Ranked.


Why is Content Ranked your new web design partner?

Get SEO Website Design Services

Not only are our team experienced web developers and designers, we also have extensive strategic sales & marketing experience. This ensures we deliver what your business needs – a site that can rank, convert traffic and generate leads. 

All our projects are focussed on getting your business, services and products visibility with your clients. Even our template based websites are ready to rank when the keys are exchanged.

We ensure that your site will load quickly, can be navigated easily, and has all the correct tags. We have seen many web designers use H tags for “cool” layouts – oblivious to the fact they are one of the key on-page SEO elements. No basic errors like that found here. 

We will ensure your site has the right structure, you know how to get your Content Ranked, and generate leads for your business.

Bespoke Website Design

Many companies want to present themselves in a unique fashion online. This is great if you already have the traffic and strong brand to do so. If you do not, then you are much better taking the safer route.

Mirror and match the top ranking sites. Alter the design, of course, but keep the same basic on-page elements. You can obviously produce better quality content than your competitor, et voila, you’ll be ranking alongside them in a couple of months.

Once you use your superior content marketing skills to move past them in the rankings. Then, and only then, you can start thinking about creative bespoke website designs.

Trust us on this, save yourself the heartache, unfulfilled expectations, and money by doing something that works first, then get creative. 


Content Ranked | SEO | Web Design

You can find us not far from In Touch and Herringbone, two great places to eat that are popular with residents of Inverleith, Warriston, Trinity, Wardie, Boswell, and Cannonmills.  We’re also not far from Millenium Motors, The Dundas Veterinary Group, and the Inverleith Salesroom.

We do not meet with our web design Edinburgh clients  on our premises, we work from home and it’s not suitable. Due to the nature of our work, it is often better to meet online to easily look at your website(s) and so forth.

However, Cafe Montagu and Oliver’s Coffee House are great places to meet closeby. The Inverleith, The Raeburn in Stockbridge or The Orchard at Canonmills are also popular places for clients who like an in-person consultation

We also travel to meet with our clients in their premises in Newhaven, the Shore, Edinburgh New Town, Newington, and Marchmont. Meetings in Tollcross, Bruntsfield, Morningside, Polwarth, The West-End, Haymarket & Gorgie. Sometimes close to Easter Road, Leith Links, Restalrig, Lochend, Abbeyhill, or Meadowbank. As well Seafield, Craigentinny and in all other areas of the City of Edinburgh.

We also regularly work with clients from Portobello, Musselburgh, Prestonpans, Haddington and North Berwick. Our teams can work with clients from all over East Lothian.

If you’d like a commitment-free consultation about your business or campaign, get in touch. Please fill out the form at the top of the page or drop us an email, SMS, iMessage, WhatsApp, or Telegram or give us a call.

Content Ranked | Edinburgh


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18 Inverleith Gardens, Edinburgh, EH3 5PS, United Kingdom