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Keyword research and content mapping

The majority of people today understand what a keyword is and how to spot the ones people are looking for – but then what? A business’s content mapping process begins with basic keyword research. The intent behind the search needs to be identified – navigational, informational, transactional, or commercial. You should then pull those that are relevant to your business, your location(s), your brand – as well as those of your competitors!

Your content can then be mapped once that is sorted out. You should think about which keywords are most important and which are supporting keywords. Organize your content into keyword clusters. Plan which content should link to what, and which content should support what keyword without cannibalizing it.

This step is crucial because if you have low-quality or irrelevant content on your site, customers who land on the page may not stay long enough to figure out what you are all about in the first place.

Keyword research and mapping are core to the content writing services we deliver.

Content Optimisation

How can you tell whether a piece of content is suited for your customers, or for Google? Feedback and conversions will tell you if your customers like it, the search results if Google likes it. These elements are frequently out of sync.

If you fully optimize your on-page SEO, you can significantly improve your Google and other search engine rankings. Making sure your content appeals to both readers and search engines is key.

Make sure you have the right word count and page structure – headings and meta tags. Having the right amount of lists, tables, and forms. In your article, your keyword should not be too frequently mentioned or too rarely mentioned.

It took us years, literally, to figure out why lower-quality articles beat us in the rankings, whereas our clients and suppliers loved what we published. Our experience in content writing is now enhanced by our SEO expertise, allowing us to deliver content that gets results.

Our process involves benchmarking against the top ten ranking articles using SEMRush and Page Optimizer Pro, to ensure you send the signals Google wants to see.

Content Ranked | Madison

We prefer to meet with our clients in online video calls, especially since the pandemic. Our team works remotely with each other and it’s easier. We understand this is not for everyone – so let us know if you’d prefer a visit.

We have very strong roots in Madison and are located downtown just off the square minutes from the Wisconsin State Capitol – nestled on the isthmus between Lake Monona and Lake Mendota, It’s a great part of the city; a short walk from James Madison Park, State Street, and the iconic Monona Terrace.

We offer free thirty-minute consultations and would love to hear from you. You will get some advice that will help you, even if you choose not to use our services. Fill out the form at the top of the page or drop us an email, SMS, iMessage, WhatsApp, or Telegram or give us a call.

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Why are we your Madison Content Writers?

Content Strategy

Many of our clients need guidance on how to plan their content marketing strategies. We are very happy to assist you with this and can handle everything from keyword research to market research and competitor benchmarking. Our service is always customized to the type of content that is right for your company and market.

Authority Articles

We deliver unique expert-level content that’s tailored to fit your company’s needs. With a proven process and experienced writers, we create SEO optimised content that establishes your brand at the top of your market. We write high-quality, customized product or service pages, white papers, case studies, blogging articles, press releases, and influencer content for any purpose.

Web/Sales Copy

It’s important that you have good content to explain what you do, and how you help your customers. It is important that the content is targeted to their needs and that it is visible in the search results. The copy also needs to demonstrate that your business excels at what it does, that readers can trust you, and that you can deliver the products and services they want. All of the above can be achieved with our copy.

Infographic Design

You can use infographics to convey key numbers and statistics to your target audience in a concise, easy to understand manner. We will incorporate your ideas into designs that are unique and help you promote your brand and information in the most professional way. Email marketing, B2B and B2C uses, as well as internal training purposes when onboarding new employees and freelancers.

Product & Service Descriptions

Images are not enough to market your products. Your e-commerce site, online marketplace platforms, Google My Business, Citations, Facebook/ Instagram Shopping, and drip-feed campaigns all require accurate product descriptions.

We deliver unique sales copy that converts.

Blog Content Writing Services

Many people don’t enjoy blog writing, but it is one of the most effective ways to make sure your business is visible online. We know you’re too busy doing what you’re doing to worry about writing about it, which is why we help. Our content marketing team will provide regular, informative, and engaging blog posts that can support your business’s overall content marketing strategies.

Press Releases

Whether you want your message to reach major media outlets or niche blogs and websites, we can make sure that your message stands out from the noise heard. Our Press Release writers produce targeted, succinct copy that will get your product or service noticed. Our press release distribution services are also very competitively priced.

Social Media Content

The best website content can be easily repurposed for social media use, and with our written content, you can easily find something shareable. Our content writers can take into account infographics, polls, competitions, and video content when preparing your web content. We can also deliver these, complete with post comments and hashtag research, as part of your package.

Web 2.0 Content

You can rely on us for quick turnaround content that is appropriate for your Web 2.0 network. We offer affordable prices and can accommodate any budget and objective.

PBN Content

If you have a network of monetized sites, you need a lot of content. We’d like to help you reach your goals by providing great content at an affordable price. Depending on your needs, we can turn around orders pretty quickly.

We actually care

Clients are always impressed with our enthusiasm and over-delivery of our projects. In addition to producing content for you, we are producing content for ourselves, since we have a professional reputation to uphold. As well as helping you today, we will also be with you for a very long time to come; if we don’t deliver what we promise, that won’t be possible!

In-House Content Marketing Team

Professional sales and marketing content has been produced by our in-house team since before it was a thing.  We have developed successful campaigns for companies of all sizes – whether they sell locally, nationally, or internationally, and in multiple languages.

Native English speaker copywriters

Our core writing team includes native speakers from the UK, USA & Canada. As well as catering for the English language we also have native Spanish, French, Polish & Portuguese writers in-house. We have trusted collaborators for all other major world languages.

Fast Delivery

A lot depends on the size and nature of the order. Prior to starting a project, we agree on a deadline together, and we always adhere to it. Revisions will also be accounted for as part of the timeframe agreed at the beginning.

Fully Optimised Content – every time

There are many content writing services that turn around orders quickly, but results can be inconsistent. Our clients benefit from Content Ranked’s planning, writing, and optimization services.

The starting point is an SEO content audit of your website

In this process, we evaluate how your current content performs against your business objectives. Using SEMRush and Page Optimizer Pro, along with other premium tools, we benchmark you against your competitors.


Even if you have already completed this step, we like to do it ourselves in order to compare results. If you haven’t already done this, we find you all the commercial intent and informational keywords you need to rank for. In addition to using other techniques, we use SEMRush, the leading keyword research tool on the market.


Our content planning process includes determining commercial and transactional seed/primary keywords for your product and service pages. And also those that you need on your FAQs, articles, and blogs


In order to outperform your competitors and to keep your readers engaged, we research and plan our articles thoroughly. Articles are 100% original and aimed exclusively at answering the reader’s questions, not just at satisfying search engine needs. It is not our practice to keyword stuff articles, but instead, we reply to readers’ questions with an in-depth answer. The team of up-and-coming SEO writers is responsible for standard packages. Experienced content marketing professionals handle premium and authority client work.


We use SEMRush Content Marketing tools as part of our optimisation process. Standard packages also include Surfer optimization. Our Premium and Authority packages feature Page Optimiser Pro, a professional content marketing tool that is truly outstanding. In our Authority package, we utilize all the extended on-page SEO features. Our full optimization process also adds some special sauce to your content to enhance its relevance within your market.

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You can find us not far from Luciles and the Old Fashioned, a Madison institution, and the best place to find cheese curds or a Friday fish fry! We’re also not far from Overture Centre for the Arts, Wisconsin ESL Institute, the US Bank Plaza, and Wisconsin Historical Museum.

We do not meet with our web design clients on our premises, we work from home and it’s not suitable. Due to the nature of our work, it is often better to meet online to easily look at your website(s) and so forth.

However, Collectivo Coffee and Ancora are great places to meet close by. Grace Coffee Company or The Memorial Union are also popular places for clients who like an in-person consultation. Or sometimes in Tenny-Lapham, Wingra, Marquette, Regent, Dudgeon-Munroe, Nakoma, or maybe you’re in Maple Bluff.

We also travel to meet with our clients in their premises throughout Madison and in the surrounding areas including Waunakee, Fitchburg, Monona, Middleton, Verona, Mcfarland, Marshall, Cross Plain, Spring Green, and across Southern Wisconsin.

 If you’d like a commitment-free consultation about your business or campaign, get in touch. Please fill out the form at the top of the page or drop us an email, SMS, iMessage, WhatsApp, or Telegram or give us a call.

Content Ranked | SEO | Web Design

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