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Keyword research and content mapping

Today, most people understand what a keyword is and how to spot the ones that people are searching for – but then what do you do? Well, keyword research is only the first step of content mapping for your business. You need to identify what the intent behind the searches is – navigational, informational, transactional, or commercial. Then you need to pull those that are relevant for your business, your location(s), your brand – and also your competitors’ too!

Once you have that sorted, then you can start mapping your content. Choosing which are your priority keywords, and which are supporting. Where on your site you will publish content to go for which clusters of keywords; what piece of content will link to what, what content supports what keyword – and doesn’t cannibalise it. 

The reason why this process is so important is, in particular, because if you have low quality or irrelevant content on your site then customers who land on the page may not stay long enough to find what it is you do in the first place.

Keyword research and mapping are core to the content writing services we deliver. 

Content Optimisation

How can you actually tell if a piece of content is suitable for your customers, or for Google? Feedback and conversions will tell you if your customers like it, the search results if Google likes it. Frequently, these two elements do not match. 

It is possible to significantly increase your organic rankings on Google, and other search engines, by fully optimising your on-page SEO. This means making sure your content hits the spot with both readers and the search engine crawlers. Making sure you have the correct word count and page structure – headings and meta tags. The right number of lists, tables, and forms. Not too many, and not too few, mentions of your keyword and other natural terms that are used when discussing the topic at hand. 

We spent years, literally, not understanding why poorer quality articles were beating us in the rankings; while our clients and suppliers loved what we published. Now, we now have the SEO knowledge to add to that experience and deliver content writing services that get results. Our process involves benchmarking against the top ten ranking articles using SEMRush and Page Optimizer Pro, to ensure you send the signals Google wants to see.


Content Ranked | Edinburgh

We prefer to meet with our content writing services clients in online video calls, especially since the pandemic. Our team works remotely to each other and it’s easier. We understand this is not for everyone – so let us know if you’d prefer a visit.

We have very strong roots in Edinburgh and are located at Goldenacre; next to Trinity, Leith, Stockbridge, and Edinburgh New Town. It’s a great part of the city; the Botanics is just down the road and Inverleith Park close by. We are not far from what’s now called the Ferry Road Path – forever known as the old railway in north-east Edinburgh.

We offer free thirty minute consultations and would love to hear from you. You will get some advice that will help you, even if you choose not to use our services. Fill out the form at the top of the page or drop us an email, SMS, iMessage, WhatsApp, or Telegram or give us a call.


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Content Ranked | Edinburgh

Why are we your Edinburgh Content Writers?

Content Strategy

We often have clients who are in need of some support with the planning of their content marketing strategy. We are very happy to help with this and can take care of the full process of keyword research, competitor benchmarking, and target market research. We take into account the type of content that is suitable for your business and market – our service is always bespoke.

Authority Articles

Our premium service delivers unique expert-level content for your business. Our proven process and expert writers deliver tailored SEO optimised content that establishes your brand at the top of your market. Cornerstone service or product pages, industry white-papers and case studies, expert blog articles and guest posts, ghostwriting for any purpose, web copy, press releases, and high-value influencer articles.


Web/Sales Copy

Your business has to have good content to explain what you do, and more importantly, how you help your customers. You need to make sure the content is targeted to their needs, and that it is visible on the search results. You also need to ensure that readers understand your business is an expert at what you do, that they can trust you and that you can deliver them the products and services they want and need. Our copy does all of the above. 

Infographic Design

Infographics are an incredible way to convey key stats and figures to your target audience in a quick, easy to digest way. Our design team will take your ideas and create something beautiful, which represents your brand and your information in the best light. B2B and B2C use, email marketing use, as well as for internal training purposes when on-boarding new employees or freelancers.

Product & Service Descriptions

You can’t just rely on images to sell your products. You need accurate product descriptions to use on your ecommerce site, online marketplace platforms, Google My Business, Citations, Facebook/ Instagram Shopping, email newsletters or in drip-feed campaigns, and a whole host of other places.

We deliver sales converting copy that is always unique.

Blog Content Writing Services

Blog writing can seem like a hassle to many, we get it, but it is one of the most effective ways of making sure your business is, and stays, visible online. We know you are too busy doing what you’re actually doing to worry about writing about it, which is where we help. We will deliver regular, informative, and engaging blog articles that can support the wider content marketing strategy for your business online.

Press Releases

Whether you are targeting major media outlets like the BBC, CNN and similar, or you are targeting industry blogs and online magazines – we can get your message out. We produce targeted, succinct, press release copy that get products and services mentioned in media articles. We also help with the distribution of your press releases at very attractive prices.

Social Media Content

The best website content can be easily repurposed for social media use, and with our written content, you can easily find something shareable. Infographics, polls, competitions and video content continue to be the most engaging forms, and our content writers can take these into consideration when preparing your web content. We can also deliver these, complete with comments and hashtags, as part of your package.

Web 2.0 Content

We can offer quick turnaround content suitable for your Web 2.0 network. Our prices are reasonable and we can offer a range of price points to suit all budgets and objectives. 

PBN Content

Monetise everything is not doubt your mantra if you have a network of sites your manage. Well, we’d like to help you do that by providing great optimised content at affordable prices. We are able to turn around orders pretty quickly, relative to your requirements.  

We actually care

Ask any of our clients, we are enthusiastic and consistently over-deliver on all of our projects. When we produce content for you, we are also producing it for ourselves, as we have a professional reputation to maintain. Of course, we also work with you on a long-term basis – that won’t be possible if we don’t do what we say we will!

In-House Content Marketing Team

Our in-house team are specialists who have been producing professional sales & marketing content for businesses since before it was a “thing”. We have worked on, and created, successful campaigns for businesses of all sizes – selling locally, nationally, internationally and globally – in many languages.

Native English speaker copywriters

Our core writing team includes native speakers from the UK, USA & Canada. As well as catering for the English language we also have native Spanish, French, Polish & Portuguese writers in-house. We have trusted collaborators for all other major world languages.

Fast Delivery

Of course, this is relative to the size and nature of the order. However, we agree on deadlines with you prior to starting a project, and we hit them. Should any revisions be required, that is also factored into the timeframe agreed at the start.

Fully Optimised Content – every time

Many content writing services turn around orders quickly, but the results can be exceptionally hit and miss. With the Content Ranked process, you are guaranteed content that has been planned, written, and optimised to beat your competitors.

The starting point is an SEO content audit of your website

We review your current content’s performance vs your business objectives. We benchmark you against your competitors using SEMRush and Page Optimizer Pro, in combination with other premium tools.


You may have already completed this stage, but we always like to do it ourselves and compare the results. If you have not done this already, then we find you all the commercial intent and informational keywords that your business needs to rank for. We use SEMRush, the premium keyword research tool on the market, alongside other techniques.


We map out your content plan, your seed/primary keywords, the secondary, those that you need in FAQs, in articles and blog posts – and those that you need on your service and product pages.


We thoroughly research and plan all articles to ensure that they outperform your competitors and do not bore your readers. All articles are 100% original and focused on answering the needs of the reader, not just the search engines. We do not keyword stuff articles, but instead, answer questions in a natural and informative fashion. Our up-and-coming SEO writers work on standard packages. Seasoned content marketing professionals look after premium and authority client work. 


All of our article optimisation uses SEMRush Content Marketing tools. Our standard package also includes optimisation with Surfer. In our Premium and Authority packages, we use Page Optimiser Pro, a truly outstanding professional content marketing tool. Our Authority package makes full use of the extended on-page SEO functions of the package. We also add some of our own special sauce to your fully optimised content to enhance relevance in your marketplace.  

Content Ranked | SEO | Web Design

You can find us not far from In Touch and Herringbone, two great places to eat that are popular with residents of Inverleith, Warriston, Trinity, Wardie, Boswell, and Cannonmills.  We’re also not far from Millenium Motors, The Dundas Veterinary Group, and the Inverleith Salesroom.

We do not meet with clients on our premises, we work from home and it’s not suitable. Due to the nature of our work, it is often better to meet online to easily look at your website(s) and so forth.

However, Cafe Montagu and Oliver’s Coffee House are great places to meet closeby. The Inverleith, The Raeburn in Stockbridge or The Orchard at Canonmills are also popular places for clients who like an in-person consultation

We also travel to meet with our clients in their premises in Newhaven, the Shore, Edinburgh New Town, Newington, and Marchmont. Meetings in Tollcross, Bruntsfield, Morningside, Polwarth, The West-End, Haymarket & Gorgie. Sometimes close to Easter Road, Leith Links, Restalrig, Lochend, Abbeyhill, or Meadowbank. As well Seafield, Craigentinny and in all other areas of the City of Edinburgh.

We also regularly work with clients from Portobello, Musselburgh, Prestonpans, Haddington and North Berwick. Our teams can work with clients from all over East Lothian.

If you’d like a commitment-free consultation about your business or campaign, get in touch. Please fill out the form at the top of the page or drop us an email, SMS, iMessage, WhatsApp, or Telegram or give us a call.

Content Ranked | Edinburgh


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