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Content Remix Method: A Process to Creating Educational Content That Ranks

What’s the secret to growing your enrolments or education business with content marketing and SEO Services for Education, at scale, quickly? 

That’s not an easy question to answer.

The first step is an audit, then a plan, then production and publication. It takes time and content creation is critical, both in terms of the need for quality and also for it to rank, get traffic, keep it and ultimately convert visitors. Doing this at any sort of scale requires you to steal like an artist, essentially, and create original SEO-optimised pages that get seen.

Content remixing differs from content repurposing but is closely related to it. Here are the differences and the reasons it is superior and more tactical.

Working in education marketing you have to reuse a lot of content, and frequently repurpose it. Especially for use both on and offline, and in various languages for international campaigns. It is also a skill many a teacher uses throughout their career to great effect. It is key in Educational SEO, as is remixing. There are key differences between an edit and a remix.

In SEO you have to get the most out of the least amount of content; it’s just the way it is and there is no point in arguing with Google.

How to you do it? Remixing, headphones optional.

What is remixing of content?
Why should you remix content? How is it different from repurposing content?
How can content be remixed?
Now, start remixing.
What is remixing of content?

I define content remixing as anything that creates new content using previously existing material that is already being rewarded by the big G as adding value to the internet. Therefore, it INCLUDES but is not limited to, content repurposing or content adaptation for use on a different channel.

That could mean developing a fresh social media campaign using the messaging from an earlier e-mail campaign. A blog post from two years ago might be suitable for a rewrite and move into a new internal linking structure. And it certainly includes actions like turning an old customer support video from your help docs into a new blog post, or re-recording and publishing on Youtube. Prior to creating entirely new content, remixing involves utilising ALL of your current content assets in new ways.

Why should content be remixed?

Why is not simply creating enough? And why isn’t creating content and then reusing it better? In short, scale.

A lot of the content you need to publish does not need to be Booker prize level, it just needs to answer the questions people have succinctly, but fully. And we all ask Google a lot of questions.

Remixing content onto other platforms shows coherence in your approach – both to the search engines and to potential customers. It works.

Evergreen is not eternal.

Let’s dispel yet another content marketing myth today: the notion that evergreen content can exist indefinitely. It’s simple to believe that if you choose the right topics, evergreen content can be created with just the subject matter and gather links naturally. Nonsense.

I like to suggest considering the plant after which evergreen content is named. Many people associate “evergreen plant” with “difficult to kill” or “always alive.” But even evergreen plants require nurturing and care. Your evergreen content is the same. SERPs change all the time.

For evergreen content to “stay alive” and continue generating results, remixing includes updating, re-optimizing, and redistributing content.

New is not necessary.
The last reason you should remix content is that it keeps the content in front of potential audiences without necessitating the creation of numerous pieces on the same subject.

Because of the following, it frequently occurs when your publishing schedule and “consistency” take precedence over the customer journey on the other end of the content:

For a while, you maintain your regular publishing schedule while adding new content to complete the customer content journey. For a while, everything is fine and you have no shortage of crucial, necessary topics to discuss.

However, after a year or so of posting once a week, it becomes more difficult to come up with fresh and timely ideas. You already have content on everything you NEED to have content on.

Therefore, you either start reiterating the same topics from slightly different angles, which will confuse your audience, or you start aiming for less important and strategic topics, which won’t be as helpful to your overall objectives.

I’ve repeatedly witnessed it taking place.

You can remix to maximise what you currently have rather than falling victim to the new content, more content treadmill.

Create the ideal repurposing plan.
Learn how to reuse and recycle your content in the most strategic and intentional ways by downloading my free content repurposing planning worksheet.

Remix your content right away.
How can content be remixed?
You can now begin remixing content. What can you do to repurpose old content for fresh results?

Depending on your specific marketing objectives and your content strategy, there are a tonne of options available.

Here are just a few of them:

Update outdated content frequently
The term “evergreen” does not imply “needs no upkeep.”

Trust me. It wasn’t successful with my succulents, and it won’t be successful with your content.

I keep banging on this drum, and I won’t stop until there are no longer any blog posts for highly competitive keywords on page 1 of search results!

Friend marketers As a friend and a fellow person, I ask you:


Your content marketing routines should include regularly updating outdated content.

For instance, I work on any content refreshes I’m launching that month during two of my weekly “deep work” blocks that are devoted to content remixing in general. I demonstrate how to create your own repurposing and refreshing content cycles in The Content Habit.

reuse content resources
For each marketing campaign or promotion you run, your team probably produces dozens, if not hundreds, of assets, ranging from product messaging and mockups to social media copy and emails. At least, you do if you begin each time from scratch.

But you ought to replicate and modify successful campaigns. Reuse any assets that were previously efficient and up to date when you do so.

For instance, I run a promotion on a bundle of every item in the Content Remix Resource Shop once or twice a year. I have a variety of different emails, graphics, social media copy, and more since I’ve now run the same promotion on the same products at least four times.

So I now pull and update about 4 days’ worth of assets whenever I need to plan another sale. I have a lot more than that, so every round of the promotion ends up being slightly different and better optimised.

It is also possible to take existing campaigns and build new ones using this pulling, combining, and matching. It isn’t limited to running the same campaign again.

Reformat content from the source material
Repurposing content from one medium to another is a fantastic, though less significant, option for remixing content.

Although it may be the most well-liked option, despite what some thought leaders in beanie hats may claim, this is not the only option. You run the risk of reformatting low-quality content if you give this priority over initiatives like content refreshing or remastering.

This is a mistake I’ve made in the past, and I regret wasting time by continually releasing content that wasn’t all that effective to begin with.

BUT once you’ve established that a piece of content performs well or converts, repurpose it. For example, convert a podcast into a video, blog post, or email sequence. Yes, focus as much as you can on your best work, but avoid turning each of your original articles into 20 repurposed pieces.

Reframe the concepts for use in other pieces.
Remixing the content’s themse in addition to the entire piece is a fantastic additional method for remixing content on a more atomic level.

The original content is being sampled in other content. Sampling created innumerable new music genres and gives forgotten old music a second chance, and your content could benefit from a second chance too.

When it comes to content marketing, this could indicate:

citing and referencing older material in more recent work
discussing the concepts in a podcast interview
dividing it up into a series of emails or social media posts
referencing it in guest posts on relevant subjects
All with a backlink to the original content, of course.

Share dated materials that are still relevant.
Resharing content on all of your distribution channels, including social media and email, is possible and encouraged if you’re updating and remixing it to make it TRULY timeless and relevant.

Your email and social media audiences are both steadily expanding, but social media reach is infamously unpredictable (hopefully). This indicates that only a portion of it sees each post. So remix and reshare.

Remake previously popular material
Consider ways to “bundle” several successful pieces of content into a remastered album as a final step. Remastering involves improving the audio quality of previous hits for musicians.

The Gestalt theory (the whole is greater and different from the sum of its parts) takes hold after improving a group of things that were already popular on their own.

You could turn a collection of connected social media posts into a series to draw readers from one to the others and raise awareness of your brand overall, or you could remaster a collection of connected email broadcasts into an automated campaign.


Now, start remixing.

There are a few ways you can get started remixing with me if you’re ready to do so. If you need help creating a plan to remix your content, ou can check to see if any of my remixing services are appropriate for your needs. 😀



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